Ok so i am back in the land of living with proper phone signal and broadband to match.
So where

do I start I suppose the beginning would be good.
This event was just a little bit of imagination 11 months ago with the goal of putting a little bit back to the off roading scene which has served me well over the years, soon domain was purchased and then the work began i knew deep down that events are hard to organize, but it’s the little things that you forget about that come back and bite your arse just at the wrong time that gives you the reality check that you so much needed and bringing you back down to earth.
being up on site from the Tuesday started well until parts were missing for the tents and no where to put all the stuff so the farmer came up trumps with the loan of his horsebox while my wife done a mad dash to the severn bridge to meet the nice man from Challenger 4×4, then the toilet delivery people turned out that they had won their driving licence in a kinder egg and couldn’t drive a duck to water let alone a 40 odd foot arctic with a few containers on the back down a little track along with the weather that was gale force 6.
people were starting to turn up and the field was getting fuller by the hour and reality was setting in on how big this task was going to be, then came the job of our little secret of the small inflatable tyre from the good guys at Maxxis with the help of Jerry Hunt, this wasn’t an easy task I thought Alan Webb was going to be like Mary Poppins and end up on the wind farm, prologue run ok ish did have a little issue which was sorted once back at event control, then of course the night stage had to come along after they were all fed from the local Hog Roast, now this night stage proved a tad different from the norm shall we say and a few got slightly frustrated with it but we had a winner.
The Stages on Saturday proved a tad difficult with dummies being spat out and the gloves were also off on a few stages it was quite funny to watch grown men rant and rave whilst others just knuckled down and got on with it and seemed to enjoy them OK I must admit some of the times were a bit tight with 1 stage not able to be completed in the time but we got there in the end, at the end of the day we had the legendary Parpottas BBQ and as always never failed to deliver and the food was top notch, which took us on to the charity auction which you will be pleased to know we raised just over £900 but I think this was down to Pikeys sheep selling skills.
Sunday was another technical day with teams struggling with vehicle and co-driver fatigue setting in but they battled on only a few hitches 1 being a nice guy decided to remove the punches which made Team Fat Cat win the award for biggest dummy spit 2013 ( it think it must have been at least 18ft) scoring and prize giving then and lots to do and count so head down arse up and got through it along with my ever suffering wife double checking, next was prize giving and things were getting a bit emotional in my head and was struggling to get my words out do to realising how much money you guys had raised but all good and I fell for the biggest trick on the book come and sit here and have your pic taken (more like come and sit here you mug and let us poor bubbly over your head)
Well my thanks go out to all the sponsors too many to list all you lot for entering, the marshals thankless job but I’m thanking you all then of course the team i had behind me, Dawkins, Pikey, Webby, Speedy, Mark McMillen, and last but no means least my wife, family and friends who helped you are all winners
Many thanks for all your help in 2013 Nobby

2013 Event Review

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