2017 Wrap Up & Donation Hand Over

So finally this is it the end of the 2017 event

We have finally done our sums and have great pleasure in announcing that we will be handing over £2,500.00 to each of our causes Ty Bryn Gwyn Cancer Hospice and Poppys Appeal (presentation pics to follow) so that brings us to over £26,000.00 handed over in the 5 years the event has run.

2017 for us a great success with so previous years gremlins put to bed which allowed the event to run smoother for all concerned. Yes there were a few niggles but nothing in comparison to previous years so i think the whole team are on a roll, but as ever there is still work to do on improving things on a few different areas as like always if we stand still things get stale.

We already have a totally new site in place for the 2018 event which is untouched and will be virgin ground for us all although we have to do lots of work to make it happen like cutting tracks in as this site to be is totally untouched with not even a footpath through the main woodland, camping we will do our best to make it the best we can but its a catch 22 as the welsh weather aint the best and unless you fancy camping in a car park and transporting your vehicle 10 miles to the site which is not ideal we all just have to make do with what we have got but all we will say for now is that its going to be in Wales and its going to be good very good and i should imagine the format will more than likely be the same as the 2017 event as it worked although a few sneeky tweaks along the way might be on the cards just to keep you on your toes. so put the 9-11th of March 2018 in your diary as its now confirmed.

Also we already have 1 of the 2018 Good causes in place. This for us was a no brainer really as recently one of our fellow competitors / supporters plus a larger than life charecter has had to have major life changing surgery and we felt it was time that we helped him and his chosen chariy for a change and offered to support something close to his heart .

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was a part of the 2017 event and i mean everyone you guys and girls made it happen

So for me and my merry band of helpers that is it for 2017 as i said i think we pulled it out of the bag and lots of fun was had by all im sure we will see most of you at different events through out the year but for now thank you all again for all your help and support you have given us and we look forward to catching up soon

Nobby & Team

2017 Wrap Up & Donation Hand Over

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