RED Winches at the Welsh Xtrem 2015

‘The Welsh Xtrem’ has developed into one of the UK’s most exciting and biggest off-road competitions and to be a part of it is a great thing. The online pharmacy first major event of the year it is something you don’t want to miss. Due to the talent and experience of the organisers (yes that includes you Nobby) many trucks, drivers and products will be tested to their limits over the weekend. Being a part of extreme 4×4 events like the ‘Welsh Xtrem’ not only gives RED Winches the chance to be seen as a serious player in the world of challenge events and 4×4 competitions, it gives us the opportunity to further develop our products and enhance the capabilities of our top end winches.

RED Winches – The Story so far….

From humble beginnings RED Winches was always about providing innovation, performance and quality. This has been the core philosophy at RED Winches. The company was started by Neal Jones, many of you will know him by now, he is hardly a chap you can miss at events…. Being 6ft 4” and an ex-rugby player…. His background is as a Design Engineer specialising in automation, he is also a long standing Project Manager and as many of you see from time to time he is quite often found on a canadian pharmacy plane flying around Europe and to the USA for his other company Redstart Design. The idea of RED Winches the company came after Neal and Redstart Design Ltd (Main Company initially behind RED Winches) was approached by Supacat in 2008 to solve a winching problem they had on their Jackal vehicles. Small space lots of pull and a big holding force being the main problems they wanted solving. After a year of development and testing the Hydraulic RED Winch Warrior was born and was fitted onto all the ‘Special Forces’ Jackal and Coyote vehicles made by Supacat throughout 2009 & 2010.

Since this first project with Supacat in 2008 RED Winches then developed a range of Hydraulic winches and decided to make them available to the challenge truck competitor and many other vehicle based off-road sports. The Challenger and Terrier winches were proving very popular and sold very well. RED Winches realised very soon there was an off-road market wanting high quality, high performance winches…. exactly what RED Winches was about. In any form of vehicle base competition there is one thing above all else that is key to success and that is reliability. The same goes for overland vehicles, goods haulage and family transport. This rule also applies to equipment bolted on to vehicles to supplement that vehicle’ abilities. Why spend your hard earned on anything that is unreliable – that sort of thing is left to governments….! Winches are expensive, for winch based competition they are essential, for work or for play they are a vital piece of kit. So why spend money on something you can’t trust 100%. RED Winches still make winches for the British Army today – an organisation known for a certain lack of mechanical sympathy due to the nature of their work. With no failures so far this speaks volumes about the design of the winches. In 2013 RED Winches after prolonged nagging from several off-roading friends decided to go into the electric winch market and provide and alternative to the current competition winches out there, and being RED Winches they had to do something a little different….. The Hornet was born with the Air Brake and Air Free-spool system… The team behind RED Winches has now reached double figures and they have over 30 distributors around the world. Over 200 Hornets have been now sold since Jan 2013, an achievement all the team at Red Winches is very proud of.

The Hornet…. What’s all the fuss about….

Most peoples first thoughts of ‘The Hornet’ are much like all the other winches they make, just how beautiful it looks. It’s comprar levitra stunning. But what’s so good about it is that it performs even better than it looks due to the designers behind it. The RED Hornet raises the bar. Not just to the next level but many levels up. No part of any existing bulk manufactured winch is used. Baring the BOW 2 motors and the Albright Solenoids all the parts are manufactured in house or within the county of Somerset. The chassis is all CNC machined high grade aluminium billet. Using the same testing process as for the military winches, any weakness has been removed by re-design, then test, then appraise, then test, then re-design… The air operated braking system is unique in the winching world and is only found on the RED Winch products, made by RED Winches. Using the pressure of the on-board vehicle air it is able to stop the winch drum instantly. No more dangerous long overruns…. Especially when running 24v on 12v motors like most people are now doing. Lowering out also is made very controllable being able to only let out the exact rope length that the vehicle drops…i.e. no snatching.. The air free-spool is deceptively simple but unlike so many other remotely operated free-spools how often can you take viagra on the market it moves like silk across steel. It’s hard to describe the quality of the build on this winch. RED Winches build quality and design integrity is so good, you can’t do justice to it in writing. RED has a very good parts supply service that will be backed up by a rather clever on-line shop as well as a selection of regional retailers. Red Winches have established their place in the specialist and high quality winch market…… and long may it continue……..

From the Owner – Neal Jones

I am constantly amazed at the responses we get to our products and would like to personally say a big thank you to all our RED Winch customers out there. We strive to react to the demands facing the off-road guys and girls in competition by developing products that are innovative, reliable and go beyond solving your problems. As well as solving real life issues, we like to be giving you extra functions and usability you did not have before. It all seems so long ago now but without the first few customers I had. Without them having the belief and courage to part with their hard earned cash believing we could give them something they had not seen or had before. RED Winches would not have developed as well as it has into the international brand it has become. The many on going customers who believe in RED Winches, its philosophy and its products is hugely rewarding to all the RED Winch team. We will always support our customers…. It’s the RED Winch way…

Welsh Xtrem 2015

The Welsh Xtrem 2015 event looks to be another great event for 2015 and should not be missed. Nobby and his team are working very hard to try and make this the best event in the 2015 calendar. We are supporting him again this year and all the good work he does for charity.

Cant wait to take part again….see you all there… our section will be named: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, so just turn up, watch and enjoy the fun


All at The Welsh Xtrem are very grateful for Red Winches support so why not check out their websites and social media and then dnt forget to click the follow and like buttons on the way out.

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Red Winches Special Section Sponsorship, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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