The Fields Twins Fund
Catherine and Kirstie Fields are identical 19 year old twins from Llanelli who have a very rare progressive degenerative neuromuscular disorder, they are the only two people in the world who suffer from the condition which has since been named after them ‘The Fields Condition’. When they were born they had no known problems, the problems started at the age of 3 when they had some poblems with their balance and co-ordination. They went through all the milestones of crawling, walking, talking, singing and riding their bikes. As they got older their problems got worse they started using walking frames at the age of 7 years and wheelchairs when they were 9 years old. Now at the age of 19 they have had everything taken away from them slowely. First it was their independence on their walking, then washing and dressing themselves, then their speech which they have now lost all together and have a communication aid to help them speak, they now find it difficult to eat, drink and swallow, they had feeding tubes inserted into their stomachs when they were 17 years, their condition also subjects them to frequent muscle spasms which have taken over ther lives as the cannot control them and they keep them awake at night. Because it is such a medical mystery there is little information on how to counter or cure the condition or what their future holds. The only thing they havent lost is their zest for life, the twins inspirational attitude to life and their amazing smiles touches everyone they meet, this was recently captured in the twins documentary ‘Beyond Words’, a very powerful, emotional and touching documentary of the twins lives, in Catherine and kirstie’s own words,”Life is too short. No-one lives forever. Be happy and always wear a smile 

Hi everyone this is just a small description of the girls, I hope it will help you undertand a little about what the girls have had to go through, We are very grateful to The Welsh Xtrem, for choosing The Fields Twins Fund as one of their Charities. We started fundraising for the girls last year as we needed to buy them a Hydrotherapy Bath which we purchased at the price of £8500 and we would never have been able to buy it without the amazing generosity of everyone who helped us make it possible. As we have exceeded the amount that we needed for the bath we have decided to use the money to add a room on to the girls bedroom so they can live more independently with carers as they need help 24 hours a day, so this is what your fundraising contribution to the girls will be used for. We are very grateful to each and everyone of you for your kindness, Thank You All from’ The Fields Family’ xxxx

The Fields Twins Fund

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