Red 2Neal Jones the owner of Red Winches has kindly donated for fund raising one of his famous Twin Motor Hornet Winches.  Neal approached us and made this offer in recognition of the good charitable work the Welsh Xtrem did in 2013 and saw an opportunity to support us, the charity and the event.

The ‘Hornets’ are now competing all across Europe and the rest of the world including Australia. There are other winches in the RED Winch range but the Hornet is the their flagship electric winch. Many of the top people are now using the Hornet in many challenge and endurance competitions.

From humble beginnings RED Winches was started in 2005 after designing a hydraulic winch for vehicles the military use in places all over the world. They then realised  that the challenge and off-road events could benefit from these winches. Finally over a year ago RED winches produced its first electrical winch, the ‘Hornet’, after much demand from the off-road community.

Their modern, fully equipped design, manufacturing and production facilities are a far cry from the small wooden office in which their first off-road winch was conceived and crafted in 2005. After visiting them recently it is clear to see that RED Winches are a very well established company with a strong name within the commercial, off-road and motorsport industries.

However, while they have grown, we’ve never forgotten the values, customer focus and attention to detail that have made RED Winches the uncompromising products they are today. So the lucky winner is  going to own a truly fantastic product worth £3000….

The RED Winch Hornet will be put up for raffle from now until the weekend of the event which is the 7th-9th March 2014. The event will be held @ Walters Arena Glyn Neath.


Each ticket will be £15.00 each and you can enter as many times as you like.

Nobody from RED winches will be entering this raffle.

If not enough tickets are sold (£3000 or 200 tickets) then the draw may be delayed but I am sure that the price of the ticket is very sensible and we will get lots of people on board and raise enough money for a great cause.

The winner of the Winch is responsible for P&P charges unless collected from Neal Jones and Jason Morgan at the event in person.

The prize is not redeemable as a cash alternative When you make a donation (buy a raffle ticket) we will then get an email with your details on, this will then be transferred onto a sheet and you will be allocated a number this will be cross referenced to a raffle ticket book, a full list of people who have bought a ticket will be on show at the event. Please when you buy a ticket put your Name, Forum Username and Phone Number down as a reference and print off a copy of your receipt as well.

All Proceeds from this auction will go to the Wales Air Ambulance these guys and girls do a fantastic job and the risks that we take whilst doing our sport i dnt think there is a more suitable charity that we could help, the proceeds from the main event will go to another charity.

Please Click the My Donate Button below and follow the instructions, and GOOD LUCK and Thank You from all @ The Welsh Xtrem.



The Red Winch Charity Raffle

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