Times ticking on by so we thought you need to know the ins and outs of this years event.

the event its self will be based on numerous disciplines that will push teams to their limits in more ways than 1

Our thanks go out to all our Sponsors, Supporters & Helpers who make this event what it is today

This years Headline Sponsor is Maxxis tyres

Our Event Sponsor is Odyssey Battery to include the Prologue & Amazing re-vamped Odyssey Battery Arena With an Amazing prize

Night Sections – Wilderness Lighting

Special Sponsor Sections

SS1 – Heritage Insurance

SS2 – Richards Chassis

SS3 – Ashcroft Transmissions

SS4 – TLC Wales Fostering

SS5 – Wrex Racing

SS6 – Red Winches

SS7 – Gigglepin 4×4

SS8 – WKD Offroad

SS9 – MK Roofing & Fall Protection

SS10 – Goodwinch

SS11 – Wooldridge Demolition


Karnage Kup – Ruftraks UK Ltd

Spirit of the Event – KK Mobile Tyre Services

Marshals Draw – 4×4 Goods

Communications – Formula Cars

Staff Clothing – Maxxis, Odyssey Battery, Merchandise Mania, CEMB Print, Evans Campers

Lighting Speedy Hire

Special Announcement – Red Winches


Auction Items

Odyssey Battery, Maxxis Tyres, Challenger 4×4, Wright Off Road, Gwyn Lewis 4×4, West Coast 4×4

Whats What

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