2016 Worthy CausesWe are pleased to announce two very worthy causes which the 2016 event will be supporting. This year we did something slightly different. Remember Tom from a “week on the streets” Active for Autism? We supported his charity during the 2015 event. He nominated The Leon Heart Fund.

The Leon Heart Fund, was founded in 2009, and was  created as a means of supporting the children and families who attend the Cardiac wards at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff and the Special Care Baby Unit at Singleton Hospital, Swansea. The “mission” is to provide small grants to help parents with hospital expenses for the Paediatric Cardiology Department at University Hospital of Wales and assist in placing small pieces of medical equipment in the home for children with complex needs when the NHS is unable to provide funding. Read more…..

I would think that most of you know Alan “Webby” Webb. (Pictured below) Webby who is part of the Welsh Xtrem Committee nominated Keep the Beat. When you see him feel free to ask him why, pretty sure he will tell you all about it.

KEEPTHEBEAT, is an exciting new charity established with an aim to provide hope and support to the families affected by congenital heart defects. Based in Leicestershire and supporting The East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre at Glenfield in Leicester, the hope is that over time we can provide resources to explain a wide variety of congenital heart defects and associated treatments and will provide a network to support cardiac children and their families, Read more…..

Many of us have different reasons for being a part of the Welsh Xtrem but supporting these types of causes is important to all of us on the committee. Please join us in supporting what we hope you agree are worthy causes for the 2016 event.

Both causes can be found on Facebook and/or Twitter the links can be found below why not give 2 minutes to have a look and maybe give them a like and a follow. It’s not always about how much money we can donate, raising awareness of such causes is just as important.

The Leon Heart Fund Links:




Alan Webb / Asst CoC

Alan Webb / Asst CoC

Worthy Causes for the 2016 event announced

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