If you have any questions or quires for anything WXT 4X4  related please do not hesitate to contact us but please refrain from calling between 9pm and 9am thanks

Club Chairman:

Jason (Nobby) Morgan

T: 01269 505000  M: 07973 576240 E: Info@thewelshxtrem.co.uk

Competition Secretary:

Geraint Williams
M: 07805 143618 E: geraint@thewelshxtrem.co.uk


Michelle Morgan

T: 01269 505000 M: 07968 941685 E: shellmorgan1974@gmail.com

Club Treasurer:

Kasey Morgan
M: 07800 981097 E: kasey@thewelshxtrem.co.uk

Club Chief Marshals:

Dave Oatley M: 07798 912670

Brian Patrick: M: 07919 032916


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