Here is your >>>> link <<<< for the Save Me A Spot Form 2020

It will become live at 09:00 Saturday 7th September

Here is all the information you need to know to come and join us at the 2020 event. This is the 8th edition of the multi discipline event, we are hoping this will be bigger and better than ever before.

SPECTATOR INFORMATION: It is free to come to the venue and spectate, we have an awesome merchandise shop and we do ask that you stop buy and make a small purchase or make a small donation as all profits from this event are donated to worthy causes.

Here is what to expect during the event. Please note that whilst we do all we can to run this to schedule the timings could be a little different on the day but not by much! We do not allow spectators to take their vehicles around the site so you will have to make your way by foot. There is plenty to see without having to walk too far. It is The Welsh Xtrem so bring your best Wellies. Might be a good idea to have an umbrella it is Wales in March after all. Parking can be difficult it is recommended that if you can come in a 4x4 it’s a good idea.

Friday 6th March 14:15: Odyssey Battery #FunFriday It’s the warm up! Each vehicle will perform this Section one at a time. It shapes
the line up for the rest of the event!
18:00 – 22:30: Wilderness Lighting Special Night Section. (not brilliant for spectating but for the true Xtrem off-road fans not one to be missed)

Saturday Nickday 7th March 09:00 – 18:00: Special Section Saturday at the #xtrem20. This is worth a trip to come and see. We will have no less than 15 Special Sections and new for the 2019 event 5 Super Special Sections for our Competitors to complete. It’s going to be a long hard day in the office for these brave guys and girls.
19:00: We have an evening of entertainment planned. Food and Drinks will be available to purchase, It is a chance to spend time with the Organisers, Competitors and Marshals. The evening will include an Auction at 20:30 you are all welcome to come and take part.

Sunday 8th March 09:00 – 16:00: Its the Gigglepin #SuperSunday. Quite simply do as many laps as you can!
17:00: or sooner if we can Prize Giving.

There are toilets on site, but it s a field in the middle of Wales please don’t expect the marble sinks and heaters to dry your hands. 

You can watch some of the Action LIVE on the Welsh Xtrem Facebook Page please like the page to make sure you receive the notifications that we are live. there is lots more useful information also on that page so why not check it out?

Safe Travels and see you all soon.

Event Placings

Fun Friday Odyssey Warm Up

Wilderness Lighting Night Section

Friday Over Night Placings

Saturday Nickday Over Night Placings

Sunday Overall Placings