For me i think that this years event was a huge success and the best yet I just wish the weather was as good but in true Welsh style it was cruel to the point of being evil but everyone carried on and enjoyed in the true sportsmanship of this great sport. The whole weekend was testing and highly demanding in more ways than one on everyone involved from the teams right the way through to the organisers and marshals who all just pulled together and just made it work even some teams worked hard throughout the night and had many different teams giving up their time just to help others to fix their breakages just to get them back in the running but of course there can only be 1 winner.

As ever there were many different parts to our event thats what we feel makes it different and we try and work towards helping teams big or small

The Friday Day 1 was mainly sponsored by Wilderness Lighting and Dunn / Wake were the leaders over night and close on their heels in 2nd were Webster / Neville and even closer behind were Doyle / Conroy

Saturday Day 2 was pretty much a full-on day with various sections and punches keeping the teams on their toes and were kindly sponsored by various firms, which had the teams work hard to stay up right as well as in the running Sharp / Turpie took the lead through to the Sunday morning with Anderson / Pearce in 2nd and Doyle / Conroy bringing in a close 3rd

SS1 Wooldridge Demolition Winner: Hart / Holiday

SS2 UPol / Raptor Winner: Sharp / Turpie plus a Upol / Raptor kit

SS3 KK Mobile Winner: Sharp / Turpie

SS4 Ashcroft Transmissions Winner: Hirons / Ayre

SS5 Goodwinch Winner: Hickling / Wilson

SS6 Richards Chassis Winner: Hickling / Wilson

SS7 Allisport Winner: Sharp / Turpie

SS8 Gwyn Lewis Winner: Hart / Holiday

SS9 SJD Offroad Winner: Doyle / Conroy

SS10 Euro 4×4 Parts Winner: Wijnia / Nijdam plus a 200euro Prize from E4x4p

SS11 Odyssey Batteries Winner: Doyle / Conroy plus a Free PC1500 Battery

SS12 Red Winches Winner: Hart / Holiday

SS13 Foundry 4×4 Winner: Niesigh / Vickery

SS14 Graf Adventure Winner: Sharp / Turpie

The Karnage Kup was again sponsored by Ruftraks UK Ltd was won by Neisigh / Vickery they now have the job of making next years trophy

Spirit Of The Event sponsored by myself Nobby Nosis The Hypnotist was won by Hirons / Ayre

Sunday Day 3 was hosted by Gigglepin Winches with their Gigglepin Super Sunday and proved as tough as ever and due to the rainfall during the night I had even contemplated on cancelling the whole thing but somehow the rain subsided and the race was still on. Everyone dug deep to make what they could of what the day had to bring and with tired vehicles and even more tired crew members it was a pretty full on day which was won by Sharp / Turpie who also won a free entry to the Xtrem Challenge Portugal close in 2nd were Doyle / Conroy with Anderson / Pearce in 3rd

The overall winners of the event at the end of day 3 who received the amazing new version of the Red Winch Trophies along with a free entry to the ever-popular Graf Adventure in Portugal run by Fillipe Santos a free PC1500 From Odyssey Batteries as well as regaining their title for a 3rd year was Team Gigglepins Sharp / Turpie, 2nd Team Irelands Doyle / Conroy and 3rd Team Red Winch Anderson / Pearce, UPol Raptor were kind enough to donate kits to the winners of certain parts of the event as well as donating items for the auction.

The media teams are hard at work in the back ground tweaking images and putting videos together but a few videos and albums have started to emerge from various different media teams who were at the event with some of the links listed below.

But believe it or not the 2018 event is already being talked about amongst the team and we will bring you more information as and when it happens but all i can say at the moment is that it will be in early March but with a venue to be confirmed although we are looking at a site that is completely new for us all as even though Red Valley is an amazing site off road venue we have done 2 years there now so its now time to move on, this years proceeds are still being worked out with bills to pay but as soon as totals are reached, checked and finalised they will be announced in due course.

But before i sign off i would like to take this opportunity to thank EVERY ONE who was part of the event from the Land Owner, Competitors, Marshals, Sponsors, Recovery Crews, Media Teams, The Team from CSW, Caterers (if i’ve missed anyone im sorry) and everyone that was watching and sharing back home then last but by no means least my dedicated team of helpers who spend many hours, days, weeks and months giving up their time energy plus using their own money to bring you what we feel to be the best value Multi Disclipline Off Road Event the UK and Europe has to offer so for now thats me done and dusted but im sure i will see most of you very soon at various events.

Kind Regards