Rules & Regs 2022

The Welsh Xtrem The Club / WXT 4×4 Club


Updated Thursday 20/01/2022 @21:21

General Vehicle Specifications

For all 4×4 events the vehicles must comply with the following minimum standards, further technical regulations may be imposed in the event regulations. For older vehicle that may not fully comply with the regulations then these may be used following an assessment carried out by the Clerk of the Course and Chief Technical officer and duly documented.

As we move forward to a different kind of event Permitting and Insurance we have had to change how we work and how you also do things below you will find 3 separate parts of our 2022 Rules and Regulations there are a clickable download link for all to use yes there is quite a lot but everything you need should be there.

Also there are the separate Welsh Xtrem Event Regulations 2022 these are in addition to anything put in place by Nora Motorsport the Nora Motorsport Rules & Regulations can be found below

  1. Nora Code Of Practice: Here – – – > > > code-of-practice-v1.1-december-2020
  2. Nora Cross Country Regulations v1.0: Here – – – > > > 4×4-off-road-regulations-v3.3-01.09.2021



  1. Both Driver and Co-driver must hold a current Nora competition Licence these will be available and or checked at signing on.
  2. The object of the event is for a single vehicle to locate various marker Points, the location of which will be indicated on the day. Each punch will be identified by a number to verify it is the desired objective. The punch will be attached to a fixed point on the objective either by cable or direct fixing. The control card (attached by the technical officer to a consistent point on all vehicles) must be marked with the pin punch in the correct box on the control card as proof that the objective has been visited. The vehicle must negotiate close enough to the point to collect the punch mark without detaching either pin punch or control card
  3. There may also be special tasks which are worth extra points. These are generally along the lines of non-driving puzzles or may include driving a short course through numbered gates in reverse gear or against the clock. The event will be for individual vehicles, each of which must carry one driver and one co-driver providing they are accommodated in securely fixed seats and wearing approved seatbelts or harnesses. All drivers must have current UK driving licence & NORA competition licence, Both Driver and Co Driver must be members of an NORA Affiliated club All memberships and licences will be checked at signing on.
  4. Navigation exercises are also part of this event which will see the competitors visit designated parts of the site using grid references.
  5. Refuelling must be done in accordance with Nora 92 off road regulations 3 Refuelling – Speed Events (new for 2021)
  6. All vehicles that take part n the 4×4 Speed sections must now have door nets fitted as per Nora 92 off road regulations 1.g (new for 2021)
  7. There may be random Alcohol Breath tests done during the course of competition time and anyone who is believed to be over a unsafe Drink Drive Limit will be held back until safe to drive or help. The use of any prohibited/banned substances is strictly not allowed at any time and will lead to immediate disqualification from the event with a possible future ban from competing at this event and others of a similar nature.
  8. You will continue to monitor the serviceability of your vehicle throughout the event and will take the necessary action as required to maintain it.
  9. All Roll Overs (onto the vehicles roof) that happen during the event will need to have the vehicle safety checked by the Chief Technical Officer, if persons were in the vehicle at the time of the roll over they will need to be checked by the Medical Officer
  10. All entrants must be 16 or over and vehicles must comply with NORA Challenge Event Regulations. Vehicles must also have a working horn, seatbelts for all seats in use, towing points front and rear & carry a tow strop. Horns will be used to notify an emergency. On hearing horns competitors, should attempt to assist/ locate the problem or notify marshals.
  11. Due to Covid restrictions at signing on 1 person at a time is to attend the desk and both are to attend ALL briefings and sign on to say they have attended a penalty may also be given and will be stopped from competing until briefed. Please bring your own pen to both.
  12. Vehicles must display number boards at all times and also sponsor decals.
  13. Punch cards are only to be removed by Chief Technical Officer, Asst Technical Officer, Clerk of the Course or Asst Clerks of the Course or Scoring Officer.
  14. Hi Level Day Time running lights are required for the Super Sunday these must be turned on if visibility is low.
  15. SOS / OK Boards advised to be carried.
  16. Vehicles must carry an emergency first aid kit, eye wash, hand sanitiser, spill kit and fire extinguisher. All items must be securely stowed within a vehicle and as per NORA requirements.
  17. Competitors are not allowed to smoke while competing.
  18. A blanket speed limit of 10mph covers all access roads and any vehicle exceeding this will be disqualified only one warning given.
  19. Camp Site and Pit Site speed limit is walking speed the co-driver is advised to lead the car through this area
  20. In the event of a breakdown, repairs must be carried out on a suitable ground sheet. Try to limit any spillage of fuel or oil. In the event of any spillage a spill kit must be used and a marshal must be informed.
  21. Do NOT drop any litter.
  22. All competitors will obey the organisers / marshal’s instructions. Their decision is final.
  23. We are working closely with other event organisers and any serious breaches of behaviour could lead to a ban on entering subsequent events for a period of time as deemed appropriate to the offence. In such cases this may lead to bans from other events organised by other clubs/organisations. We will also uphold this rule for other organisers events for the benefit of safety and reputation of our sport.
  24. If you feel at any time that the severity of a section is beyond your capability you must stop. You will not be forced into a situation you consider to be potentially dangerous. All sections, punches and other parts of the event are voluntary. You should not attempt them if you feel it is outside you or your vehicles capability.
  25. Pets are permitted in the main event control and the camping area only. They are NOT permitted onto the site(s) or areas where the competitors are actually competing. For example; if the campsite is in a field and they are competing in a wood, then pets are NOT permitted into ANY PART of that wood. You are responsible for the safe handling and safety of your pets. The organisers and/or sponsors and/or competitors take no responsibility for the actions of your pets or any damage (immediate or otherwise) that they may cause. Pets should be kept under close control at all times.
  26. There is only 1 class with no restrictions on traction aids or winches but must be in line with NORA technical rules for challenge vehicles.
  27. Competitors can be recovered by other competitors. However, competitors are NOT permitted to aid other competitors in achieving punches either on the route in or out.
  28. Tree stops are to be placed no higher than 1m above the base of the tree, if in doubt a guideline of waist height should be used.
  29. In the event of an infringement of the recovery rules, there will be one verbal warning given before a penalty is charged. Remember that the rules are there for the protection of yourself and others.
  30. Competitors will be penalised for causing excessive or deliberate damage to the site, not heeding marshal’s instructions, not adhering to the event rules and regulations or not following any guidance/direction given on here or at the drivers briefing,
  31. A winch sail must be used whenever winching across any sort of route/track/path. A shout of “clear for winching” is to be given when initiating winching.
  32. Gloves are to be worn when handling any recovery kit.
  33. Tree strops ARE to be used and shackled close to stop tree slippage.
  34. Harnesses are to be worn by all occupants in any moving vehicle or under load.
  35. The site speed limit is 10mph.
  36. Helmets are mandatory and must be worn at all times when competing.
  37. For non ss punches the more vehicles that achieve the punch in each the less it’s worth to a minimum of 20 points
  38. If you get all punches, then inform the event organiser to collect another card.
  39. If you retire inform a marshal and have your punch card removed.
  40. Overdue at finish: 250 points deducted every 5 mins (or part of) that your card is not with the organiser.
  41. If your punch card comes off the vehicle, then you will be issued with a new card and you start again.
  42. Punch trees will be marked with coloured laminated card appropriate to each day and highlighted with tape.
  43. If you find a punch that is not attached inform a marshal or event organiser.
  44. Barrier tape of various colours designs and indicates either: Closed off sections to limit access on the landowners site, or out of bounds areas to make it harder to achieve some punches.
  45. You may not break/cross/go over and under/into an out of bounds area- Penalty for doing so card removed and start again. You may pass a winch line through the tape boundary to aid your passage.
  46. Tape used on sections should be considered as a brick wall. ANY crossing of the vertical line marked by the tape will be seen as leaving the course or the section and will be penalised accordingly. No wind, no stretching and no bonnets or tail ends! ! there will be no touching of tape full stop it will be wide enough for all to get past. So now it’s a strict DO NOT TOUCH unless it’s windy and it blows into your path, the only other exception is if you have to go under the tape to winch of a separate tree or fixture. To Summarise if you (as in persons or vehicle) touch the tape or it breaks whilst you’re in the section you will receive a tape penalty.
  47. Drivers / Co-Drivers are not permitted to change roles during the event.
  48. Cycle Path / Footpath Crossing rules must be obeyed at all times
  49. All Loud music & Generators are to be turned off by 23.00*