The Welsh Xtrem is a 3 day multi discipline 4×4 challenge event created to test the driver, co-driver and their vehicle to their limits, both physical and mentally


Started in 2013 By Jason “Nobby” Morgan with the aim to make it the UK’s premium off road event, The event was created after a joking suggestion between a few competitors around a camp fire in a cold Welsh forest and quickly escalated to create The Welsh Xtrem as we know it today although it could of been very different story as the first idea to the name was to call it “The revenge of the sheep” this was quickly eliminated and so the Xtrem was born although its better known today as just “The Welsh”

As per the title this event is said to be extreme but great fun and offers a wide range of disciplines throughout the 3 days, with the main aim is that anyone can win, its not just down to power and bank balance its team work with 3 main elements of driver, co-driver and vehicle with good old lady luck added into the mix and as long as you can finish the event in 1 piece you have a good chance of winning something. The Welsh Xtrems aim is to test the best of the UKs and Europeans talent to their limits whilst still being known for the fun and social side of it.


While this is a serious competition that is stamped high up in the European off road calendar all of The Welsh Xtrem proceeds after costs are given to good causes this was always Nobby’s aim as being a competitor for many years it was time to give something back to both the off road community as well as raising money for worthy causes whilst doing something he is so passionate about. The good causes come from suggestions within The Welsh Event Group (the org team) who come from all walks of life and from all over the UK these guys and girls give up their time free of charge to put these events on, they dont even take out money for fuel expenses so basically it costs us to put these great events on. As well as suggestions from the group other people who attend our events have also had an input into who we support, some of which are very close to peoples hearts or members of their families. to date The Welsh Event Group have handed over in excess of £40,000.00