The Welsh Xtrem is a 3 day multi discipline 4×4 challenge event created to test the driver and the co-driver to their limit and ability.

Started in 2013 with the aim to make it one of the premium UK off road events, the Welsh Xrem was created after a joking suggestion between a few competitors and quickly escalated to create the Welsh Xtrem as we know it today although it could of been very different as a suggestion to call it revenge of the sheep was one suggested(that’s another story).

As per the name this event is said to be extreme and offers a wide range of activities throughout the 3 days competing.

 The Welsh Xtrem`s aim is to test the best of the UKs and Europeans talent.


While this is a competition the Welsh Xtrem proceeds are given to charity this was always the aim off-road fun while raising moneys for good causes

all the good causes are chosen by the organizing crew and some very close to peoples hearts or members of their families.

to date we have raised well in excess of £21,000.00

 Creating~ Hope~ using ~winch~ rope