Good Causes

good_causesThe Main Goal of the event was to try and give something back to the off road community as I (Nobby) had taken so much out of it in the past, but then my passion for fundraising kicked in and decided that whilst we were having fun we could do some good as well as in general, the 4×4 community has a pretty raw deal with some of the general public thinking all we do is rip up the ground and make a mess.

So over the last 6 years we have helped many charities / good causes its mad that a little money donated can make their jobs a little easier we try and go for the smaller causes as they are the ones who are constantly fighting for money where as the larger big players get £00000.s donated daily. all charities and causes need money and its hard to pick 1 hence why we try and look around and not decide and pick 1 on first seeing.


2013 we raised £4,475.55 and we donated the money to

Wales Air Ambulance

Heol Goffa Special School

Army Of Angels

Ghana Beds Project

2014 the event raised £4,741.04 and the Red Winch Raffle raised £3020 so in 2014 the Total raised was £7,761.04. and we donated the money to

The Fields Twins Fund

Wales Air Ambulance

2015 we raised £6,000.00 and we donated the money to

Active For Autism

Baby Loss Group

Wales Air Ambulance

2016 we raised £3,000.00 and we donated the money to

Leon Heart Fund

keep The Beat

2017 we raised £5,000.00 and we donated the money to

Ty Bryn Gwyn Cancer Hospice

Poppy’s Fund

2018 we raised £5,500.00 and we donated the money to

Ark Cancer

Ty Bryn Gwyn Cancer Hospice

2019 we will be raising money for

Well TBH we don’t know yet we are going to try a different approach to how we hand the money out if you have any ideas or suggestions then please get in touch

So in 6 Years is over £31,500.00 has been handed over to good causes and charities to help make peoples lives easier.

This could not have been done if it wasnt for the generosity of the Sponsors, Competitors, Marshals and Staff basically everyone who has been a part of the Xtrem in 6 years has made this happen.

So from Myself and The Team Thank you Very Much……………