The 2018 Event Registration

So here we go again then . . . .

Well its that time of year again for us to start getting the remaining entries in for the 2018 event.

For those who don’t know me that well i will try and explain how i do things.
I always try and be as fair as i can with everyone and like every event a lot of time and effort goes into running it and as we all have day jobs we do bits of it as and when we can rather than do months and months of work in 1 go, so we open up the entries early to get the commitment from you guys to help us put our time in remember we do this for free we dnt take a penny out of the fund for personal gain.

As in tradition i always offer previous years competitors priority entry by allowing them 7 days entry grace period ahead of the rest so as you were a competitor at the 2017 event you now have a head start from the rest. The other entries are opened up today 13th September as of today we have 2 spaces left yes that is TWO spaces left for UK entries and 5 European Entries left i think this just shows the level of commitment and enjoyment from the teams who have entered in the previous years.

For 2018 We have a nice new scoring system plus live feed stuff that’s going to be totally awesome but there will be more to come on that later on. 2018 event will also see us try a new online entry system so there will be no paper work to be filled in or any printing etc etc, Its an American system so the only confusing thing is you put your details above the heading not below like most UK Stuff. This has been tried out with numerous people using numerous different devices PC,Tablet it can even be done on your smart phone, and some of the people who have tried it are not tech savvy either so its dead easy.
The system also allows you to add 3 pictures Driver, Co-Driver & Vehicle if you wish as well as add your signatures and a host of other things that will make our jobs so much easier.

So your link to the 2018 form entry page can be found by clicking >>>>THIS LINK<<<<

once filled in you will get an automated reply with all the info you need and all you will have to do is to make your deposit or full payment by the methods listed in the email. Once a payment has been made please message me on 07973 576240, Email me or facebook message me through either The Welsh Xtrem Page or my Personal Page

you will then get a email or message from myself confirming your entry and get added to the 2018 Questions and Answers Page. And thats it for a while then. if how ever you miss the space you have a few options you can either do nothing and go on the reserve list and we will keep your deposit safe until needed or you can have it returned the choice is yours but going by previous years the reserve list has always been used up, once all the entries are taken i will make a post stating it then you have the other option is to just fill in the form and just go straight on the reserve list.

please not that once your entry has been accepted and are on the main list of 30 or Europeans your deposit is non refundable, as well If you cancel or pull out of the event and are not able to enter for what ever reason before and including 28th February 2018 and have paid in full you will get your entry fee returned minus your deposit however after this date zero money will be returned. Non-attendance to the event will result in no returned money.

i hope this makes sense

Kind Regards