The 6th Running of The Welsh Xtrem in my words

2018 seen us move to a brand-new site with lots of challenges with the main 1 of not being used for anything apart from a few bikes for many a year which subsequently seen us put many man and chainsaw hours in and when I say hours I should really say days but anyway that’s another story. The new site for us was amazing ok the field was muddy but the good old Welsh weather didn’t help and im afraid that is one thing that is out of our control but at least this field had a solid base but once you broke through the mud crust on top which I think did help ok the muddy camp field doesn’t suit all but I cant please everyone yes ok it be more civilised in 30 degrees but then that be wrong as its too hot to compete so we are in a no win situation, im not going to lie its hard set up when your soaked through to the skin and after a few days of it it does get even harder but hey the event will stay in March and after all only 4 more to go ( as I said I would only ever do 10)

As with previous years we try and keep the event the same as we are all happy with this format but just add a few tweaks to keep it interesting and this year was no different. But my little twist of just reversing the map and pressing print makes it interesting enough, I only wish you could have seen my face when I was playing around trying to find a new idea on the Nav Scatter it was priceless, although I think for me the best moment was standing next to Dave & Nikki Holmes at the moment they realised what I had done although the words he said cant be typed im afraid but if you know that pair im sure you can imagine.

Of course like most of our events we try and be as fair as we can and try and introduce new things to keep it fair and inline and this year was no different……….. Our do not touch the tape rule did cause a bit of a stir and worked to a degree although like most new things until you try you  don’t know do you? Yes we need a few alterations but it will be staying although it will be altered and re jigged to make it easier, yes i know the tape was too tight in places and had to be altered on the fly but I think like everything we got there in the end and the usual thing as always we are not perfect……… close but not just yet lol.

The Gigglepin Super Sunday had to have a few adjustments made due to the severe weather we had but eventually it run faultless and the laps getting quicker and quicker as the day went on and the new scoring system we had put in place worked a treat and it just helps us work smarter and take a lot of scoring stress of us at the end of the event ok it cost us a chunk of money but for my sanity it was worth every penny.

The big news of why we all spend so much time on this event is not only to give a good weekend playing in the mud but to raise a bit of money while we are at it. Back in 2017 one of the events long-time supporters Nick Anderson found out he had Mouth Cancer, which im sure you can imagine is not a nice thing but it’s a battle that he took on and we are pleased to say he won the fight and he has still got his cheeky charm and larger than life personality. Anyway for us it was a no brainer for us to help his charity of choice out, which was Arc Cancer Care and they will receive £4,000.00

Then we have Ty Bryn Gwyn Hospice which is a local self-funded centre again for Cancer these guys and girls go way beyond and give the most care and resect anyone could ask for and they will receive £1,500.00

Giving the 2018 total to 5,500.00 this is an amazing sum of money that will go along way to helping others.

As always there are lots of thanks but too many to name individually but my thanks go out to our Amazing Sponsors and Supporters, The Competitors, The Marshals, The Land Owner, Our Media Team, The Caterers who kept us fed well over the event also the guys and girls back at home who for what ever reason couldn’t make the event for liking, commenting and sharing our posts and feeds, but my personal thanks go out to my team of merry helpers that slog away in the background and take some of the pressure off me to bring what we feel is the best multi discipline event Europe has to offer so on that note its me signing out and wrapping up what for us was a great #xtrem18.

But just write down March 8th -10th 2019 in your diary and yes it will be at The Pit Cynheidre again and yes we are already got some changes and are working on making the #xtrem19 event even better. We will hopefully we will see some of you at the Welsh ONE50 in June.

So Thats A Wrap From Me 

Many Thanks Yet Again


and All The Welsh Xtrem Team


106 Sjoerd Wijnia Niels Wijnia 2954 13950 17350 34254 1
407 Seamus Doyle Jordan Davis 1970 8373 21275 31618 2
45 Duncan Smith Henry Papworth 1610 10722 17425 29757 3
994 Gunther Wauters Ruben Segers 3087 2802 15950 21839 4
567 Darren O Gorman Phillip Neville 1161 7591 13050 21802 5
340 Tom Hirons Tom Wilson 2974 1118 15950 20042 6
555 Alan Wilcocks Daniel Wilcocks 2169 2058 14150 18377 7
291 Russ Bedford Sean McNamee 1815 3671 12475 17961 8
986 Mike Kerr Neail Allright 1640 1920 13700 17260 9
3 Si Sagar Edd Cobley 230 2767 12975 15972 10
398 Bokke Nijdam Harold Moleveld 2302 2221 10700 15223 11
367 Michael Scanlon Stephen Black 2039 40 13100 15179 12
400 Wayne Martin Jim Pike 1379 3206 9400 13985 13
876 Daniel Williams Graham Daly 1708 3593 7800 13101 14
57 Ryan Dunn Paul Dunn 2300 4417 3500 10217 15
23 Chris Kelly Karl Day 700 678 8525 9903 16
538 Kevin Unwin Andy Finlay 2270 340 6500 9110 17
87 Tom Baker Tom Jenkins 2717 4454 1825 8996 18
40 Ed Hart Jake Coombs 1703 3206 4025 8934 19
114 Jim Bubb John Hoole 3435 5158 0 8593 20
241 Wil Webster Sam Webster 2726 4301 1000 8027 21
255 Dave Holmes Nikki Holmes 2047 923 4975 7945 22
955 Trevor Ryall Gar Twomey 1511 2133 4225 7869 23
243 Adam Niesigh Lewsi Darch 3153 1784 2100 7037 24
90 Paddy Burman Ben Robinson 2970 360 3125 6455 25
80 Roger Smith Lottie Smith 1600 460 1500 3560 26
322 Frank Buddle Si Parsons 700 400 1850 2950 27
701 Willem  Jan Vellinga JanWillem Stienstra 2426 320 0 2746 28
41 Michael Gallacher Michael Quigley 1450 876 0 2326 29
189 Mitchell Smith Mark Smith 2034 0 0 2034 30
410 Stuart McClurg Matt Dillon 1777 120 0 1897 31
141 Chris Booth Tom Booth 670 220 0 890 32