Cancer………. The Big C……… Something that has touched each and every one of us, at some time or another. Sometimes we don’t even know about some battles which are going on all around us. It was true of the 2017 event.

So those of you who know all about The Welsh Xtrem know that we are the only 4×4 multi discipline event in the UK and I believe Europe which is totally run by a group of volunteers and 100{fa839cdb591a39ce2f0ab645b8e396e3dd83aaf7903157a02736469c31cda528} of the proceeds are donated to worthy causes each year. We are fortunate to work alongside some of the biggest events within Europe. This is important as it is not always about raising money, it’s about raising awareness and profiles of the causes which we work with. The Welsh Xtrem 2018 will be the 6th edition of the event and has the makings of being the best yet.

How do we choose our worthy causes? Each year is different we like to look for something local to where the event is being held so that we can get involved with and invite the local community to get involved in what we do. This is a win win all round. usually the charity or worthy cause is chosen by someone within our organising team as they are all local to the event. In some cases these causes have meant something personally to one of the team. 2018 is different and without question the decision for which cause to support in 2018 came in unanimously.

Nick Anderson. You almost don’t need to say more, we all know who he is, and for myself and all the Welsh Xtrem we can’t thank him enough. His company was the first official sponsor to back myself and help me start the Welsh Xtrem, Nick has also competed at and supported every event since. Above all of this Nick is our friend, he is a friend to a lot of us who are part of the event whether its staff, marshals or competitors. During the 2017 event in March we found out that Nick had been diagnosed with T2 Squamos Cell Carsonoma (Tongue Cancer). For us it is now about looking after our own.

For those of you reading this who might never have been to an event like ours needs to understand that it’s not just an event. The Welsh Xtrem is proud to be part of a community. The of-road family we belong to is just amazing. So to be able to do something which supports such a valued member just makes 2018 all the more important to us all.

Local to Nick and a charity he has several links to is Ark Cancer Centre Charity and it gives me and my team great pleasure in announcing them as one of our 2018 worthy causes.

Why are Ark fundraising?

Nick said: “A much-needed cancer treatment centre is to be built by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in north Hampshire, integrating conventional and supportive cancer care for local people. Everything will be provided under one roof in an uplifting environment that will enhance the care and support that is given.

Ark Cancer Centre Charity is raising £5 million towards the cancer treatment centre. This exciting project is a major opportunity for everyone involved to create a centre of excellence that will benefit so many people in the locality.”

For more information please visit

Please do join us in making the 2018 Welsh Xtrem the biggest and best it can be. Mr Anderson this one’s for you. Congratulations on your recovery and we are pleased to have you with us in the 4×4 family for a long time to come.

Jason “Nobby” Morgan

And all the team from The Welsh Xtrem 2018