Answer me 1 thing where the hell do i start with this 1 then as every year the event changes which makes it harder to do a write up. It takes nie on a full year behind the scenes for the event group to make an event work and tick and more work than some will ever realise. and 2019 being no different although as it was our 2nd year at the pit it was a lot easier as we knew what to expect and trust me it wasn’t sunshine………………………..

As most will know who follow our FB page we do regular site visits, course recces and set up days through out the year as it simply would not be possible to do it otherwise plus every year we try and improve and tweek on previous years and we feel that the changes we made transformed the event and if im honest the changes we made as a competitor didn’t really affect you directly but trust me for me sanity it made a huge difference.

The event for myself and the rest of the team was just a huge success although it didn’t start the best as Dai John or plaster and sympathy man had eaten some dodgy chicken which hospitalised him for over a week plus our Mr Sensible (Brian) and Big Rich now had formed their own branch of the event group and were working hand in hand to make sure all was fine and dandy but Dais finger licking chicken incident did put us on a back foot but luckily we had cover to help out where needed. The setup week was as intense as ever and yet again im very lucky to have such great people about me in our little event group plus extras. but everyone just knew what they had to do and it just flowed. The plan in my head for this years event was the same kind of proven format with a few improvements thrown in 1 of which was our Wilderness Lighting Night Nav and boy did it throw a spanner in the works then moving along to the normal Specials which we all love to hate but i thought it be a good idea to take a step back and go back to when i started doing challenge events and throw a few old school fun things in the mix which for me just helped with the fun factor, plus not forgetting the Gigglepin Super Sunday and it was super this year super tough………… enough said.

Most of you will know who know me its not just about the 4×4 side there is more to it than that, competitors have become friends who are like family and it just goes to show by the weekends shenanigans how special our off road family are. Nick Anderson are very long supporter to every event i have organised has been fighting the dreaded C and was due to start the event on Friday and i promised he would start the event but his body had other ideas so in true welsh form myself and Jordan started the event for him on foot i might add and we didnt come last. Saturday the man himself paid us a visit although not in the car we wanted but never the less we made his day 1 to remember for a lot of people not just him it was a very special moment for us all as Team Ireland Seamus & Tom had what is now officially called a Nick day and spent the rest of the day just laughing joking and doing what the dreaded pair done best, then a huge thanks go to Ian & Barry for lending me their car for a short drive but it didnt go all to Plan and even then the crazy man himself was still laughing, sadly Nick lost his fight on the Wednesday Night after the event he was a very special man who has touched a lot of people. Its mad how 1 man can make so many memories for so many people i think i can write a book on them as there are so many although there will be another post dedicated to Nick to follow this.

Marshal Award: Steve McAleer

Special Thanks Award: Pembs Mudslingers

Karnage Kup Sponsored By Terrafirma Factory Racing: Webster / Durn

Spirit of the Event Sponsored By Nobby Nosis: Buckingham / Reynolds

Graf Adventure Prize: Wijnia / Wijnia

Cherimont Prize: Hirons / Wilson

Fecamp Forest Parc: Dillon / Quinney – Wilcocks / Wilcocks

Fastest Diesel Sponsored By TD5 Inside: Hickling / Wilson

OffRoad Projects: Kerr / Allright

Mayhem Entry: Ryall / Twomey

Gigglepin Super Sunday 1st O Gorman / Neville,  2nd Hickling / Wilson, 3rd Doyle / Conroy

Final Event Placings

  1. Hickling / Wilson 44069
  2. O Gorman / Neville 39177
  3. Lawrence / Waterfield 38303
  4. Hirons / Wilson 35937
  5. Ryall / Twomey 35322
  6. Wijnia / Wijnia 31961
  7. Dillon / Quinney 31691
  8. Kerr / Allright 28753
  9. Willcocks / Willcocks 25913
  10. Scanlon / Black 25769
  11. Wauters / Segers 25723
  12. Parsons / Gardiner 25254
  13. McClurg / O’Regan 25111
  14. Bedford / Burgess 23971
  15. Doyle / Conroy 21632
  16. Webster / Hart 20055
  17. Nijdam / 18414
  18. Buckingham / Reynolds 18181
  19. Dunn / Dunn 16923
  20. Corfield / Sagar 16716
  21. Vellinga / Stienstra 15683
  22. Unwin / Finlay 15678
  23. Smith / Smith 15047
  24. Byrne / Ryan 15002
  25. Booth / Booth 13684
  26. Kujit / Vaandrager 12829
  27. Cole / Richards 12377
  28. Harris / Sivyour 11702
  29. Burnett / Winder 10225
  30. Cooper / 8075
  31. Webster / Durn 7849
  32. Jones / Green 7170
  33. Bowler / Ellis 6306
  34. Anderson / Davis 460
  35. Mallett / Mallett 195
  36. Williams / Daly DNS
  37. Niesigh / Darch DNS
























I would like to personally thank everyone who was a part of the #xtrem19 event, Sponsors, Competitors, Marshals, Staff, Media, Recovery the list is endless and too many to list individually, but everyone paid a part in this event gets a thumbs up from me. So whats next i hear you ask?? so as well as this my year currently looks something like this

Cherimont Belgium April, Croatia Trophy May, AE 4×4 Mayhem Scotland May, Welsh ONE50 Walters Arena June, WXT Dragons Wood Bridgnorth, August, CSW Decider Devon ish September, Memorial Bridgnorth, November, WXT Ice Breaker Walters Arena, December, dont ask me how its going to pan out as i not got a clue plus not forgetting my family life so yes its a tad busy here at Xtrem HQ

Thank YOU Everyone

Nobby & Team Xtrem19 nearly over and out