Org Team

Jason “Nobby” Morgan Event Manager and Clerk of the Course The buck stops here! The Welsh Xtrem is Nobby’s baby, dreamt up many moons ago over a beer with non other than Mr Jerry Hunt. Nobby has many roles in life including a full time Foster Carer for children with disabilities. Nobby also runs a serious well being Hypnosis practice. We all know that he also has a fun side to him so there is also Nobby’s alter ego stage hypnotist shows…

The main people who are the back bone of the event can normally be found either in the bar or by the burger van that’s when they are not up to their knees in mud or head deep in paper work.

Not 1 person on the team take a single penny out of the pot……….

They even pay for their own fuel for the whole event plus book their annual leave from work.