First things first THANK YOU One and All

Its been a tough year at The Welsh Xtrem HQ between 1 thing and another but you just got to get on with it. the event takes around a year for us to organise between 1 thing and another and for me im very lucky that my day job allows me to dedicate many hours to put things in place I think it might be a giggle to try and write down how many #xtrem18 takes up.

The core team arrived on site on the Monday before the event but had to detour to collect the Portacabins and Genny from a very kind supporter who let us have the equipment for a nominal fee so the task began to start getting the pit and camp area sorted this was our priority.

Tuesday – Friday seen the course starting to become alive with tape, banners, flags as well as signage and other things as during many site visits and recces through the year we knew what was going where and the mapping had been done but still a massive task for us all. plus of course the Thursday seen the teams and marshals start to arrive we had hoped that many would bring sunshine but to no avail it hammered down all week in typical Welsh style

Day 1 was just a small tweak on 2016 event but with the added bonus of the Gymkhana which I think was a hit with all and the relief on the event teams faces were a picture as like everything nothing is ever driven it is all virgin ground but when the cars started to get quicker and quicker as well as the teams smiles getting bigger we knew we were on to a winner and in my eyes the Friday was a huge success for all.

Day 2 was pretty much the same as 2016 but we listened to a few comments and acted accordingly and this year every section was completed at least once in under the DNF time which I think is a credit to the set up team as well as the competitors yes they were hard and the weather didn’t help but there is only so much we can do although we reckon that if we speak to Nick Anderson nicely perhaps he could arrange some big tarps to cover the whole site to keep the rain off us.

The Saturday night again was the usual charity auction hosted by long-time supporter Chris Pretty and done a blinding job of selling the kindly donated items from people and businesses far and wide once all the money has been collected the total sum will be posted.

Day 3 @ 1am I was in 2 minds on if i needed to cancel the event ive lived in wales all my life and I didn’t know that much rain could fall in such a small time but with zero sleep we run with it and it was nothing more than mental with people digging deep to find their last bit of energy to keep going in both vehicles and bodies this sport is something like no other there are not many sports that you see people covered in mud totally exhausted but still smiling you guys and girls rock. But it was hard out there and very slippery but also good fun not that I seen much of it in fact just the start of the first 5 cars but all in all it was brilliant.

As with any other event the are some thanks but no names be mentioned as that way I can’t miss anyone lol but my thanks go out to all the Competitors, Marshals, Sponsors, Media even people back home who were just sharing our stuff our caterers done us proud again then of course my family, friends and my event group of dedicated people who keep chugging away in the background to bring you guys the best Multi Discipline Off Road event the UK / Europe has to offer everyone’s input makes a big difference, next job for me is to get the scoring out then sort my garage and equipment out but for now #xtrem17 is near enough done with #xtrem18 door about to open where it will be I have no idea but you will soon get to hear about also beleive it or not but the team are already takeing notes to tweak 2018 now that is Total Dedication right there so stay safe and enjoy this wonderful sport we call Off Roading

See you all soon Nobby