OK Soooooooooooo where the hell do I start perhaps a strong black coffee and time to reflect on the last 11 months of The Welsh Xtrem 2018.

The first visit to the new site happened back in early April yes that is not a spelling mistake or dodgy eyes, a few weeks after 17 it was time to move onto 18 and can nie on be the same this year plus we got the ONE50 to throw into the mixing pot on top of it all.

So as usual there have been many visits to the site over numerous weekends with teams cutting sections in, so basically every section that was driven during the event was cut with 2 or 3 chainsaws and taking on average 3 to 4 hours per section and trust me some of the sections took longer.

But anyway, we love what we do and we always try to push the limits of what man and machine can do and I think this year we succeeded although may have gone a little too far with our new tape rule but someone had to step up to the plate and try and make it work didn’t they ?

Apart from the site visits the event for some of the core staff starts on the Monday before the event which sees us move into site and this year it rained then rained more and even more so day 1 we were soaked through to our skin and it pretty much carried on like that until Sunday which was our best day on site how ironic was that and today was bright sunshine and a dryish field.

I often wonder but also grateful at the same time to have such a good team behind me which makes the job a lot easier compared to year 1 and I think it has moved on slightly since then but the team come from all walks of life and give up their time for free but love it also which is a big help you guys and girls are a big part of my life and I am forever grateful you are the best team I could ever want.

This years event is in keeping with the format we have used for 2 years now just throwing a few tweaks in here and there but in general it’s the same event but getting better, although this years scatter made me giggle quite a few times when I was making it up and of course the live scoring was ace and made my job of scoring later on the Sunday stress free until my laptop spat its dummy out and shut down and would not restart at this point I went in to melt down.

The tape rule was good although needs a few tweaks but we will get there with that 1, the sections were awesome although a tad tight in places but again we will get there.

The event run well and I think we will do our worthy causes proud but have lots of bills to pay yet which are first priority once the site is cleared down as there is still stuff to sort there believe it or not and 1 of the causes this year was a no brainer as a long-time supporter of the event Nick Anderson had been grabbed by the dreaded cancer which we are pleased to say he took on and won.

Some say we keep on setting the bar for others to follow I say we still got room for improvement and perhaps its my way of keeping our feet on the floor and keep trying to improve year on year, which for me is always the goal

Well my thanks go out to all the guys and girls in the team who put up with my demands, the competitors who have to put up with my silly rules and ideas but then they cant be that bad as they keep coming back year on year and yes believe it or not I have had people message me for the xtrem19 dates already and asking when I will be opening entries that is when I think wow ive got a monster on my hands.

All our sponsors I would like to say a personal thank you to you all where would we be without you it does make our job a lot easier and of course the publicity that you give us as well as the nice prizes are much appreciated by all, lets not forget the landowner with her amazing site which im hoping to have some news on soon plus her ever suffering neighbours they need a pat on the back and a big thank you from us all for letting us play in their garden haha.

More thanks have to go out to each and every one of our marshals you are a back bone to all types of motorsport not just the 4×4 world the media guys from all over the world just kept doing their thing and did not need much guidance along with Jerry Hunt doing the live feeds and full throttle / Moose off road on daily filming and edits, recovery I didn’t even have to lift a finger Recovery 1 just got on and got it sorted although recovery 2 did ask if I had anymore stickers for him as he was running low………..

So coming to the end of my typing thing and not much more to say apart from how cool is it to have a European team win this event and to think that back in 2012 I would never have thought that I would have been in a marquee giving out briefs to teams from all over the world let alone handing out trophies and prizes to the toughest multi discipline event in the world, The Croatia Trophy, as well as prizes to the Graf, Xtrem Portugal, and also the Decider there is no other event I know of that can boast these kind of prizes plus the other prizes that have been put up. Sometimes I need to pinch myself to realise what has actually been done here.

So I guess that’s it done dusted and on to the next which is the One50 in June, Dragons Wood in August plus you will probably see me in Belgium in April, Croatia and on a hill in Dumfries in May plus somehow I got a family to see and money to earn in between so you on a hill somewhere.

To all who made #xtrem18 happen in any kind of way you rock and the teams who completed all 3 days you are now classed as Welsh Warriors so watch this space and the winners of any kind of prize I bow down to you #respect

Lastly before I sign off Shell, My Family and close friends I would like to say and probably all of xtrem18 lot would back me up by saying thank you for supporting me in my dream of making this event what it is today I could not do it without your support.

Nobby over and out.

106Sjoerd WijniaNiels Wijnia29541395017350342541
407Seamus DoyleJordan Davis1970837321275316182
45Duncan SmithHenry Papworth16101072217425297573
994Gunther WautersRuben Segers3087280215950218394
567Darren O GormanPhillip Neville1161759113050218025
340Tom HironsTom Wilson2974111815950200426
555Alan WilcocksDaniel Wilcocks2169205814150183777
291Russ BedfordSean McNamee1815367112475179618
986Mike KerrNeail Allright1640192013700172609
3Si SagarEdd Cobley2302767129751597210
398Bokke NijdamHarold Moleveld23022221107001522311
367Michael ScanlonStephen Black203940131001517912
400Wayne MartinJim Pike1379320694001398513
876Daniel WilliamsGraham Daly1708359378001310114
57Ryan DunnPaul Dunn2300441735001021715
23Chris KellyKarl Day7006788525990316
538Kevin UnwinAndy Finlay22703406500911017
87Tom BakerTom Jenkins271744541825899618
40Ed HartJake Coombs170332064025893419
114Jim BubbJohn Hoole343551580859320
241Wil WebsterSam Webster272643011000802721
255Dave HolmesNikki Holmes20479234975794522
955Trevor RyallGar Twomey151121334225786923
243Adam NiesighLewsi Darch315317842100703724
90Paddy BurmanBen Robinson29703603125645525
80Roger SmithLottie Smith16004601500356026
322Frank BuddleSi Parsons7004001850295027
701Willem  Jan VellingaJanWillem Stienstra24263200274628
41Michael GallacherMichael Quigley14508760232629
189Mitchell SmithMark Smith203400203430
410Stuart McClurgMatt Dillon17771200189731
141Chris BoothTom Booth670220089032

Spirit Of The Event Sponsored By Nobby Nosis & CSW Dave and Nikki Holmes

Karnage Kup Sponsored By Ruftraks Willem Jan Vellinga and JanWillem Stienstra

Marshals Prize Sponsored By Euro 4×4 Parts Jonny Belton

Odyssey Warm Up Seamus  Doyle and Jordan Davis

Graf Prize Adam Niesigh and Lewis Darch